Here are a few Bay Area parks that allow dogs to run off-leash, as they are meant to do:


(Note: Sorry this info is so outdated. If anyone has any new information, please send it to me. There is more info here, but it is undated.)
August 16, 2002


Thank you for your continued interest in the Master Plan process. The County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Commission unanimously recommended the Plan to a subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors. All of your comments over the months have been appreciated. The Plan has been successful in addressing a diversity of needs for the greatest number of users.

The Plan is tentatively scheduled for adoption on October 29, 2002 by the Board of Supervisors. For continued updates see:

Once the Plan is adopted, funding for implementation of priority projects will follow. If funding can be secured in the next fiscal year some improvements could be underway by late 2003.

If you should have any questions about the process please contact Antoinette Romeo, County Planner at (408) 355-2235.

Thank you for all of your effort and input on seeing this through.

Zarka Popovic
Administrative Analyst
City of Campbell Public Works

(note: It was reported to me at one time that this would be a dog park with water (i.e., swimming) access, but that is not the case! There is no WATER FEATURE for dogs at this site. The only water will be drinking water. It is a small one-acre site that will allow users of the Park and the Trail to unleash their dogs for exercise and socialization.

Dogs are forbidden to go into any of the percolation ponds or the creek and fines are hefty. The area is a sanctuary for nesting birds.
-- the dogmaster)

Palo Alto

Palo Alto has three parks with fenced in dog park areas:
 Mitchell Park, one of the best in the area.

 Greer Park has a smaller dog run.

 Hoover Park supposedly has a dog run, although we've never been there.

Redwood City

 Shore Dog Park (also see

San Mateo

They're working on one!!
A meeting held at city hall on 8/4/1999 was in favor of further discussion for an off-leash dog run. Dog owners will help in the decision process concerning finding a suitable location, etc.
Patty Notz
Community Services Analyst
Parks & Recreation Dept.
San Mateo, CA 94403

San Jose

 Hellyer Dog Park is another one we need to check out!
 Miyuki Park is off Santa Teresa, east of Cottle near 85.

Santa Clara

 Santa Clara Dog Parkis another one we need to check out!

Santa Clara County

Besides the city parks, there are many places where you can take your dog in Santa Clara County. Some places even have water access.


 Las Palmas Park is another great dog park.

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Wherever you and your dog go (or should I say, you and your human), please remember to follow proper doggie etiquette.

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