Paige E. Momma
Here's Paige E. Momma, anxious to be taken to the Dog Park. Paige and Renee just recently moved to Mountain View!

Here's Fluffy!

This is Jake. He and his mom can be seen in various coffees houses and book stores around castro street.

Here's Mick, Anne and Mike's Smooth Fox Terrier. You can visit Mick's page at

Here's a picture of Zen and his mom, Alyssa. Zen is a Shiba Inu.

Here's Dylan, the webmaster's old dog (RIP). He was the best dog ever! He had his own web page here.

And here's Dylan's old girlfriend, Lyla (showing off her pink underbelly). The last time we went to the dog park, Lyla thought that she was Queen of All Dogs and tried to behead some of the others. So, she never went back after that...

Maggie, a frequent Mitchell Park visitor, has her own web page here.

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