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This flyer was passed along to me for an upcoming 5K Dog Run in Palo Alto. The event will be held Saturday, June 4 starting at the Baylands Athletic Center.
flyer(right click [PC] or ctrl-click [Mac] on the icon to download the complete form.)

Links to South Bay Dog Parks website added

New domain name -

Thanks to Todd Belt's prodding, the web site has finally been registered under it's own domain. (Thanks, Todd!) We are now (Please update your bookmarks) Look for some other subtle changes in the future.

MVdogpark e-mail list

A Yahoo! Groups e-mail list has been created for the purpose of allowing dog owners to communicate with one another about anything dog park-related. You can join the group by going to and clicking on "Join this group!" Also at this site members will be able to upload photos and files or coordinate events.

Thanks for visiting -- sniff around, have fun, and watch your step.

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